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Fresh Juice Part 1

I know some people think I just write 10 Minutes of Brilliance, but I’m also one of the Readers. And as a reader, I must confess that sometimes I find 10 Minutes of Brilliance pretty difficult to follow. Maybe even confusing.

I tried to get Howdy Doody to appear in my blog, but I couldn't pull the right strings.

It seems like Goldenberg (I know. I know. I’m Goldenberg! I’m trying to make a point, so stay with me here on this one.) can’t hold a train of thought for more than 10 seconds, then he’s off to the races writing about some obscure rant or story.

Sometimes the blog is about advertising in the 50s (a la Mad Men), then it’s telling me about the latest trends in social marketing, then on to pop culture, then something personal from Goldenberg’s career in advertising. (I always enjoy those stories. The guy is brilliant.)

Then, you’ve got those imaginary characters to deal with, Harriett and Stan. Who are they and why are they always invading the blog right when I’m in the middle of thinking about something Goldenberg has written about?

And why choose Harriet and Stan to comment on the blog anyway? Why not Charles Kuralt or Lady Gaga? (Hey, were those two separated at birth or what?) Or why not go for Howdy Doody, Clarabell, Buffalo Bob, Phineas T. Bluster and Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring? It would be really cool to have them comment on the blog.

I’m sure we could get Howdy to show up, but I’d have to pull a few strings.  Then again, what if I invite him to speak here, and the whole Peanut Gallery shows up. That would be Utter Bedlam*. (*GEOGRAPHER’S NOTE: Utter Bedlam is a town in England situated right next to Effigy, the place where they hang all those people.)

And if Goldenberg is so brilliant (as he claims), why not have the partners at his ad agency, Einstein, da Vinci & Goldenberg show up? That would be interesting.

Leonardo da Vinci: Non penso c’è una probabilità della palla di neve in Inferno di quell’avvenimento.
Albert Einstein: In English, Leo, in English,
Leonardo da Vinci: Oh, sorry, Al. I said I don’t think there’s a snowball’s chance in Hell of that happening.
Albert Einstein: Relatively speaking.
Leonardo and Albert both laugh. Leonardo starts to leave.
Albert Einstein: Hey, where are you goin’?
Leonardo: I’m thinking about inventing the helicopter.
Albert Einstein: Be good for weather reports…
Leonardo: Yeah, and traffic. That’s what I was thinking.
Albert Einstein: How’d that Sistine Chapel thing work out for you?
Leonardo: Oh, it’s still drying. It might need two coats.
Albert Einstein: Hey, some winters in Berlin, I could use two coats.
Leonardo: OK, Al, catch you later.
Albert Einstein: Take care, Vinnie.

So on behalf of all the readers of 10 Minutes of Brilliance, I said three things to Goldenberg:
1. “Keep the blog focused. One or two subjects at a time.”

2.  Divide it into maybe 3 segments, so it doesn’t go on forever and people can follow it,”

3. Please, please take your meds. Trust me on this. When you suffer, we all suffer.

So readers, to make the blog a little easier to follow, I’ve divided it into 3 parts. The first part is an introduction to the day’s topic. The second part will be more visual.

And, part three will be all about part 3, more or less. (BLOGGER’S CONFESSION: I have no idea what Part 3 will be about, so if you have any ideas, please let me know soon before I post it. That way I’ll be able to make changes.

A couple comments on a previous blog. A number of readers (all right, it was 1 reader) asked me if all of the names I used in my last blog were the actually names of celebrities? They were. Another reader (all right, it was the same reader) liked the blog I did on the secret things hidden in logos and asked if I could show any more like the first batch.

I can. I will. And , in fact, that’s the main thrust of today blog,

Secret Things Hidden in Logos, Fresh Juice Part 2

This logo is for Body Wisdom, a high end day spa… the hands effectively convey a relaxing massage integrated with the proximity of the “owl eyes” to clearly say “wisdom.”

Josiah Jost, the designer of ED Logo – “Elettro Domestici -Home Appliances” in English, changed the concept of traditional logo designing through this logo. The designer has amazingly used the negative space to demonstrate the letter “E” and “D” making the logo look like an electric plug.

Elle Hive is a company which designs compact tractors. The letters “E” and “H” make up the image of a tractor.
It was designed by Toni.

Although it is quiet evident, this is still a well-thought out logo. Two musical notes are bent in a way to make a heart and  headphones. The softness of this logo expresses “Love for Music“

The VIA rail Canada logo makes two train tracks with the letters” V” and the “A”. The alphabet “I” is the division between the two. A simply brilliant logo.
Pakuy is a packaging company, so the logo shows a broken down box in the shape of the letter “P.” The logo was designed by Maumer.
When you take off a piece of the “v” in the word “review” it forms a check mark (for review). It was designed by Sean Farrell Logo Design.

Fresh Juice Part 3

Celebrities with 0ne Name

In my blog on names I offered an IQ Test. Basically, if you can name 12 celebrities who are known by a single name, you have a Pretty High IQ (sorry to get so technical).

However, if you know 24 or more of these names, you’re hurtin’ buddy. You’ve been watching too much Access Hollywood!

Anyway, without looking at the list first, how many one-name celebrities (including politicians) can you name?

Cher, aka Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPierre

Cher, W (or Dubya), Ronald (no, not McDonald), Hillary, Prince, Slash, Edge. God (Right, make a comment, I dare You), Pele, Yanni, Dido,

Dido, aka Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O'Malley Armstrong

Usher, Elmo, Jacko and or Michael, Diddy, Sting, Charo, Donovan, Sade (her mother could not spell),

Divine, aka Harris Glenn Milstead

Divine,Bjork, Mo’nique, Coolie, Liberace, Sinbad, Meatloaf, Hammer,Brandy, Frank, the Rock (technically 2 words), Pink, Shakira,

Bruce Springsteen, aka The Boss

Elvira, aka Cassandras Peterson

Elvira, Babyface, Selena, J-Lo, Tiffany, Paris, Moby (not the whale, dufus), Barbra, Marilyn, Elvis (take your pick), Beck, Beyonce, Fabio, Dinine, Eminem,

Jewel, aka Jewel Kilcher

Jewel, Hammer, Kreskin, Oprah, Prince, Seal, Winger (a friend of mine from college),

Sting, aka Gordon Matthew Sumner

Sting, Twiggy, Bruce, Bruce, Bruce

Bruce Lee, aka Lee Jun-Fan

Bruce Willis, aka Walter Bruce Willison

Hammer, aka Stanley Kirk Hacker Burell

Pink, aka Alecia Beth Moore

Sinbad, aka David Adkins

All right that’s it for me. Hope you enjoyed today’s blog. Sorry Harriett and Stan didn’t show up today. I have no idea where they are. Until they return, the clever repartee they used to supply will be offered by Albert Einstein and Leonardo of Vinci.

Hey, the Warden’s not here. Where’s Dinner?

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