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God Cancels End of the World. Instead holds Bikini Contest

Published on March 22, 2016 By Jack Goldenberg

Today’s blog covers: God Cancels End of the World. Instead, Holds Bikini Contest How Stupid Are America? Getting Krafty with Mac and Cheese? Photo Realism Just Another Day in New York And we close with A Few Moments of Zen This happened a few years ago, but it’s worth revisiting. You may not remember it, […]

The Beatles & Moody Blues: Why You are Here on Earth Part 1

Published on January 1, 2012 By Jack Goldenberg

STAN: Where the hell is he? HARRIETT: Jack? He’ll be here. Just be patient. STAN: But it’s been over a month since Golberg published his last blog. Damn he’s slow. HARRIETT: Well, this was a particularly tough blog to write. After all, “Why YOU are here on Earth” is The Universal Question. Share on Facebook