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Here’s How I Got My iPad Back from the Thief Who Stole It

Published on February 7, 2018 By Jack Goldenberg

0savesSave After an 8-month absence, Jack Goldenberg returns with a new edition of his world-famous blog, 10 Minutes of Brilliance. The current blog features all the ingenuity and irreverence that captured the attention of over 20,000 loyal Readers in 2017. (Well, 20,000 before we shut down. Who knows how many are left?) Today’s blog covers: […]

How to Attend the Great American Solar Eclipse Right In Your Backyard

Published on August 20, 2017 By Jack Goldenberg

Your Personal Guide to Watching the Great America Solar Eclipse in your Zip Code The Great American Solar Eclipse that hits town today, Monday, August 21, will be here for one Performance only. And it won’t last long. The Universe will be streaming the partial eclipse of the sun for 90 minutes. And the Main […]

New maps of the US, Cool Inventions and the Latest on Exploding Kittens

Published on February 5, 2015 By Jack Goldenberg

Hi, Welcome to 10 Minutes of Brilliance. STAN: It’s more like 10 Minutes of Stupidity. I’m your host, Jack… STAN: …Silverberg? No, no, it’s Goldenberg. Jack Goldenberg, Stan,. Now will you please shut up? STAN: Hey, a**ho**, you’re the writer. Make me. STAN: STAN: STAN: All right, all right. I get it. I’ll be good […]

The Number One Reason to Never Move to Florida

Published on January 28, 2015 By Jack Goldenberg

Today’s blog contains: 1. The #1 Reason to Never Move to Florida 2. Obituary, Tony Verna, Inventor of the Instant Replay 3. The Top 10 Best Signs of 2014 4. View from Tony’s Backyard- He’s So Hip, He’s Fleek! 5. BREAKING NEWS! Never-Before-Seen Footage of the Epic New York Blizzard of 2015 The Number One […]