“”All right, where is he?” asked Stan. “Why isn’t he here?”

“You know why,” replied Harriett.

“I thought he wasn’t taking his birthday off,” said Stan.

“He says that every year. You know why he does this to us?” asked Harriett.

“No, why?” replied Stan.

“Because he can, ” said Harriett. “He knows we’ll just carry on for him and save his, well, you know.”

“Well, what if we just walked away?” asked Stan. And left the whole blog blank?

“We should! We should just walk away!” said Harriett.

“That would show him!” declared Stan. “He’d have nobody to write his damn blog. Readers would defect by the thousands.”

“All right, we’ll leave. But he’s gonna be pissed!” said Harriett.

“Who cares?” said Stan. “Goldenberg’s 63. He won’t remember anything in the morning.”

“OK, Harriett. I’m outta here,” continued Stan.

“Harriett?” said Stan. “Harriett!

“Damn it,” Stan continued. “I hate it when she leaves first.”

“ This is Stan, the King of Siam, saying, I am outta here! Adios Muchachos! Au Revoir! A bien tot!”

“Ha! I was hiding over here!” said Harriett, revealing her hiding place.

“Guess Stan was blinded by all the white space,” said Harriett.

“Jack will be back running the show on the 4th of July with his First Annual Goldenberg’s Festival of Dumbness. Be there. There hasn’t been this much dumbness in one place since Sarah Palin dined alone.”

“So, stay tuned and CU L-8-TER! I’m splitting!” said Harriet with a note of finality. At least for now.

<i>Renowned writer Jack Goldenberg is a prolific <a href=”https://www.bringbackjack.com”><strong>copywriter</strong></a>, creative <a href=”https://10minutesofbrilliance.com”><strong>marketing consultant</strong></a> and professional blogger of <a href=”https://10minutesofbrilliance.com”>10minutesofbrilliance.com</a></i>

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