OK, this is just between me and YouTube, so don’t get you brain all a Twitter. I would appreciate if you would Focus and not let your mind Flickr. Since you are a close Friendster of mine, I don’t mind saying I need your Yelp.

We can Meetup on the phone, or talk about it face to Facebook at your place or MySpace. Or we can have fries and Quechup under the Big Tent at Cafe Mom. Or toss back a few at the Fubar.

I know you’ve got your life and I’ve got MyLife. Can we discuss this without having a brain Fark or getting so mad, we’re Reddit in the face?

Here’s what I wanted to Aplify: It’s A Small World, but there are just too many social media and bookmarking sites. I don’t know which ones are Delicious and which are just Deviant Art. I want to feel LinkedIn to my new online contacts unless you think that is not Posterous.

I guess it was about Foursquare and twenty days ago when I seemed to Stumble Upon the fact that there are just way too many social networking and media sites!

I think it was Ning, the first Chinese emperor who said to his Official Blogger, “You don’t have to be a Geni to realize, there are too many social networks! So many, in fact, I get a Buzz just thinking about them.”

I wish I could wave a magic wand and say “Plaxo, Orkut, Bebo” and make them all disappear. I know they won’t all stay around forever. Some will fall and some will Ryhze. If that happened, I would be the Last.fm to know.

I hope you can Digg what I’m saying or at least get the Gist of it.

<i>Renowned writer Jack Goldenberg is a prolific <a href=”https://www.bringbackjack.com”><strong>copywriter</strong></a>, creative <a href=”https://10minutesofbrilliance.com”><strong>marketing consultant</strong></a> and professional blogger of <a href=”https://10minutesofbrilliance.com”>10minutesofbrilliance.com</a></i>

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