I would much rather help someone else out than ask for help. Nevertheless, I do need to ask a favor of my blog readers.

The Opportunity
I’m a finalist in a contest called “The Rule Breaker Awards.” It’s an appropriate marketing award because anybody who knows me knows I do like to break rules. Or at least bend them a little.

The Problem
The person who receives the most votes wins a bunch of cool prizes, including a trip to New Orleans. The problem is the contest judges want me to sing my praises online, tweet about it 24/7 and put up a billboard on Hollywood and Vine. I’m just not comfortable doing any of that.

The Solution
Since this is the Rule Breaker Awards, I’m going to break their rule about self-promotion and refuse to show off with a verbal selfie. But I’d still like your vote!

If you decide to help me out, please go to their voting page:


Type my name, Jack Goldenberg, in the Search Box, then click Search Entries.

Then click the vote button. I’ve always hated these contests until now that I actually have a chance of winning one.

If you are receiving this and have no idea who the hell I am, my about.me page is at: https://about.me/jackgoldenberg

Thanks for considering this.



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