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My favorite commercial ever. Period. No, that’s what it is about.

Published on February 13, 2017 By Jack Goldenberg

A Period Commercial In commercials, humor sells. But no matter how funny a commercial is, if you remember the spot, but not the product, #fail! That’s what makes the commercial for Hello Flo period supplies so brilliant. It’s not easy to write a funny commercial about what it’s like for a preteen to get her […]

This blog is 10 times more Brilliant than our regular blogs!

Published on January 28, 2012 By Jack Goldenberg

STAN: Where the Hell is he? HARRIETT: Relax. He’ll be here. STAN: I’m telling you Goldberg’s a hack. He was a hack writer and now he’s a hack blogger. In fact, he should be driving a hack! HARRIETT: It has been taking him a while to get a new blog up. STAN: He hasn’t posted […]

10 Rules for Being Human

Published on September 24, 2010 By Jack Goldenberg

With suicide, murder, illness and yes, having to listen to Newt Gingrich again for another political season, it’s hard to imagine that you’re living in a Perfect World.

No damn blog! Peace at last!

Published on July 2, 2010 By Jack Goldenberg

“”All right, where is he?” asked Stan. “Why isn’t he here?” “You know why,” replied Harriett. “I thought he wasn’t taking his birthday off,” said Stan. “He says that every year. You know why he does this to us?” asked Harriett. “No, why?” replied Stan. “Because he can, ” said Harriett. “He knows we’ll just […]