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How Would You Advertise The Worst Hotel in the World?

Published on December 21, 2013 By Jack Goldenberg

Today, we’ll explore the following topics: 1. TRUTH in Advertising: The Worst Hotel in the World 2. An Absolutely Wonderful Foot Locker Commercial 3. Bacon Underwear: A Very Strange Car Wash Ad 4. A Day in the Life of New York 5. A Tribute to YOU and Nelson Mandela 6.  You Be the Judge 7. […]

Goldenberg Finally Explains How Life Works

Published on May 15, 2013 By Jack Goldenberg

Today’s blog has Something for Everyone. Well, everyone but itinerant Gypsies and people named Lipshitz (I hope to have something for them next blog!) If you stick around long enough, you’ll encounter: A Talking Dog joke An Easy-to-Follow Explanation of How Life Works (It’ll come in very handy if you’re still alive.) How to Start […]

10 Rules for Being Human

Published on September 24, 2010 By Jack Goldenberg

With suicide, murder, illness and yes, having to listen to Newt Gingrich again for another political season, it’s hard to imagine that you’re living in a Perfect World.

No damn blog! Peace at last!

Published on July 2, 2010 By Jack Goldenberg

“”All right, where is he?” asked Stan. “Why isn’t he here?” “You know why,” replied Harriett. “I thought he wasn’t taking his birthday off,” said Stan. “He says that every year. You know why he does this to us?” asked Harriett. “No, why?” replied Stan. “Because he can, ” said Harriett. “He knows we’ll just […]