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This Blog was entirely written by Jack. Stan had nothing to do with it.

Published on June 25, 2015 By Jack Goldenberg

STAN: Hi, everyone, I’m Jack Goldenberg. Welcome to my new blog. HARRIET: Psst, Stan. STAN: I hope you find today’s blog more interesting than the boring, stupid, childish drivel I usually write. HARRIET: STAAAN! STAN: What is it, person I’ve never met before? HARRIET: Of course, you’ve met me, Stan. And why are you calling […]

Damn, I sure hope my brother-in-law doesn’t read this blog

Published on April 16, 2013 By Jack Goldenberg

Funny Commercials Don’t Always Work I like funny commercials just as much as the next fellow. Well, as long as the next fellow isn’t Benito Mussolini, Genghis Khan, or my brother-in-law Richard. (Damn, I think I just insulted Mussolini and Genghis Khan. Sorry!) But lately, it seems like many funny commercials aren’t very memorable. It’s […]