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The Mysterious Story Behind Van Halen’s Ban on Brown M & M’s

Published on May 25, 2014 By Jack Goldenberg

STAN: Today’s edition of 10 Minutes of Brilliance has “Nothing for Anyone.” HARRIET: Stan, you exquisite jerk, I don’t think you have that quite right. STAN: No? Oh sorry. I meant to say it has “Something for Everyone.” HARRIET: Much improved. Now tell Jack’s Readers what to expect. STAN: Mediocrity, followed by boring verbiage. HARRIET: […]

The Seven Secrets of Happiness

Published on November 13, 2011 By Jack Goldenberg

Five -year old future Beatles singer John Lennon knew about happiness Today’s blog was supposed  to be How to Use your Brain, but somehow it morphed into The Seven Secrets of Happiness. Well, you have to use your brain and heart, your inner heart, to be happy. So, I guess I’m only a little off track. Besides, […]