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Trump Is Best President Ever. Moon Made of Green Cheese. Earth Is Flat.

Published on April 1, 2018 By Jack Goldenberg

In a recent poll of Americans who can remember at least one branch of the US government, President Trump received a whopping  133% approval rating. The poll, taken by the Phew! Polling Research organization, named Donald Trump the Best US President EVER. “I’m even a better president than Fake US Presidents George Washington, Abe Lincoln […]

Introducing the Bravest Man and Worst Company in America 2017

Published on December 31, 2016 By Jack Goldenberg

Welcome to My Final Blog of 2016 Featuring the Best of the Best and the Worst of the Worst! What a year! Glad it’s almost over. I’m working hard to finish this year-end blog tonight before they Drop the Ball (No, I’m not talking about the election!) Over 24,000 people signed up to read 10 […]